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Introducing the FlowingData Job Board

Aug 20, 2013

If my inbox has taught me anything, it’s that there are a lot of data job openings, and there are a lot of qualified people for these jobs. The FlowingData Job Board is a place where companies with the former can reach the latter and where those looking for a job can easily find what’s available.

The ideal jobs will be in statistics, data science, visualization, and design, and you can post different job types, from freelance up to full-time. In addition to the board, listings will also appear on FlowingData.

I used to have a forum for this, and it was by far the most active section, but it was spam-challenged and the quality was lacking sometimes. I hope this format lends itself to higher quality listings.

The introductory price for a 30-day listing is $49.

Post a job today. Let’s see where this goes.