Eating guide for dim sum virgins

Posted to Miscellaneous  |  Nathan Yau

This guide on how to order dim sum is missing a lot food items, but gosh darn it, I love me some dim sum. Steamed and fried goodness on the cheap is what it’s all about. One small but very important thing I would change is that last bit. There is no such thing as, “Are you still hungry?” It should be, “Can you eat anymore?” When you feel like you can’t eat anymore, you eat a little more, and then fight over the check.

[Dim Sum Pop via @ehrenc]


  • the ‘bones no bones’ one points to options of ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. hoping they meant ‘no’ for the dessert option…

  • … the diminishing marginal return of dim sum.

  • It’s missing “egg tarts”. No dim sum is complete without a couple egg tarts :)

  • chicken feet (fung zao) is a must-try, or you haven’t had dim sum at all.

  • They need a version for people allergic to shrimp! I suppose we could just start with the chicken feet…

  • Fantastic! But why is there “yes”-only path for “bones or no bones” question?

  • I really like the idea, but I think this is a terrible flowchart. A couple of readers have pointed out the bones problem, but there are others. The first decision combines and lists separately two different kinds of dumplings. This confused me for a while, as the direction to “Order more” shows a different dish from the first step.

    Then there are other problems where the purpose of a flowchart seems to be confused. For example, in the desert ordering phase, if you don’t want to ask the waiter for a recommendation, order Malay Steamed Sponge. Fine so far, but if you want to ask waiter for a recommendation you get to a step “Are you still hungry?”.

    I realise this chart wasn’t created by a dataviz geek, but these are pretty obvious, fundamental problems.

    Nice idea, poorly executed.

    • Agreed–terrible execution. Don’t see how this is any more helpful then a menu with sections labeled “Pork”, “Beef”, “Dessert”, etc.


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