Gay marriage timeline

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The Los Angeles Times reports on the chronology of gay rights in the United States. States are colored from fewest to most rights for same-sex couples. “Fewest” means the state bans marriage and legal rights. “Most” means gay marriage is legal in the state. Press play, and watch the changes from 2000 to present. Just disregard the clashing red and green color choices.


  • Gerard St. Croix April 19, 2010 at 4:49 am

    Awful colour choices. It’s impossible to distinguish between the extremes at a glance.

  • It’s not working!

  • Cool! I put together a similar visualization at my website:

  • Disregarding the scheme is not so easy when you’re color blind. I’m sure this would be informative, if only I could read it.

  • Why is this of any concern? No one has a right to marriage, and since marriage is a religious institution gays aren’t allowed anyway. Maybe you should stop complaining and appreciate what you have.

  • Marriage is also a civil institution, with a lot of legal clout. One of the reasons some gays want legal marriage is that marriage is a strong factor in who is granted custody of children and in property inheritance cases. When one of the members of a gay couple dies, there have been many cases of the executors coming in and taking all the possessions in the house, title to the house and can even take custody of any children from the other person in the relationship because they don’t have the legal protection of marriage.

  • Actually, Dontcare, many churches in the US would be quite willing to marry gays if the government allowed. So if you believe marriage is a religious institution, then freedom of religion DEMANDS that the government allow churches to decide whom they will and will not marry, rather than imposing a law that forbids it.

    Religious freedom ==> Gay marriage

  • Wow, if you think color choice is bad for you try being red-green colorblind. I wish statisticians knew how common the affliction is and accounted for it more often. I can draw nothing from this graph.

  • colours pleeeeeese do something.

  • Fuck People In Texas May 3, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Let gays get married goddamnit!!


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