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Sep 22, 2008

I’m headed to Chicago next week for Wired Magazine’s NextFest, “a premier showcase of the global innovations transforming our world.” So if you happen to be there, come find me and what I’ve been busy working on the past few weeks – the Personal Environmental Impact Report – or PEIR for short.

Guest Post on FlowingData

I’ll most likely be blogging and twittering the event, but what better time to get some different points of view from all of you? If you’d like to write a guest post, just email me your writeup by the end of this weekend with text (and images if you have them). I can’t guarantee I’ll put it up, but there’s a good chance I will. Last time I asked for guest posts, I put up all of them.

What I’m Not Looking For

I’m pretty open to any ideas related to data, statistics, and visualization. What I’m not interested in is self-promoting posts. It’s OK if you link to something, but it should be relevant. Plus, I’ll link to you anyways at the beginning of your guest post. Your content also has to be original – so no posts that you’ve already published on your own blog or somewhere else.

Yup, that’s it. So if you’ve got something cool to talk about, send it my way. I’m looking forward to all of your interesting submissions.


  • Sounds like a way to give you ideas and not getting the credits for it.

  • @Pierre – nope, i just like hearing what others have to say, and it’s a chance for others to be heard who otherwise would go unnoticed. Come on now, do you really think I’d be that selfish?

  • I guess Pierre has not seen any guest posts on the blogs he reads.

  • Of course I’m totally wrong by making a point that is -IMHO- at least worth discussing. I LOVE THIS BLOG, but was really suprised that no credits issues were raised. Anyway, to be constructive : I think contributions should be open (e.g. started in the comments with timestamps/authoring.. and then selected and rewritten as a post). It would allow readers to see “half baked posts” and then the final result -if selected. No credit issues anymore ;)

  • Funny to read in my RSS feeds that you’ll also be there :) We’re exhibiting with an art installation (Cell Phone Disco) but I’m keen to chat about PEIR.

  • @Auke – nice :) i came across cell phone disco somehow a while back. looking forward to seeing that one too.


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